Porcelain Art Atelier was established with the aim of doing original and different designs with the components of porcelain, ceramics and painting arts. Since 2006, the atelier has been a unique art studio. There are workshops on porcelain object production as well as decorating where porcelain baking kilns and equipments are located.

One of the details that draw attention in the works is the objects like the porcelain flower etc. are colored by making soft glaze after the first firing by hand with soft Limoges clay. There are also courses are given to the fine art lovers on making and decorating porcelain objects.


As a founder of Porcelain Art Atelier, she was born in Istanbul in 1962. After studying fashion design, she met with ceramic clay at the Sara Aji workshop . In addition to her ceramic works, she continued to work Meissen style porcelain painting. She has detailed and original style on her works with porcelain clay and object design. She also use various materials with porcelain together.  She uses Meissen technique, which she finds most appropriate for her detailed style in her decorating works, and takes care to make the compositions in her designs unique and few.